2nd place in the world

Balfour Beatty Global Sustainability Photograph Competition 2013


This 360 degree spherical photo is at the Greenwood Lakes Reserve site, Forestdale, Logan, Queensland, Australia. The 13.5 hectare site was rehabilitated by the Logan Water Alliance to offset native plant clearance at other Logan Water Alliance sites around the Logan area to meet environmental sustainability requirements.

I capture 360 degree spherical photographs and then make interactive virtual tours to view them undistorted in a similar way to Google Street View. This reduces the need for site visits and travel which saves time and money while also providing a comprehensive photographic record. Having developed several virtual tour projects for clients with this relatively new concept, I believe it will expand to many more opportunities in the future as a sustainable service for our business. The photograph shown here not only shows an environmentally sustainable project, but also an innovative and sustainable photographic technique.

"Thank you to everyone who voted. This award highlights the outstanding environmental sustainability achievements by the Logan Water Alliance and the technical services we provide. I am grateful to Lisa Carter for her assistance with information about the Greenwood Lakes site."